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We recognize that while it is gratifying to receive awards it seems that there are many awards on the web that are too freely given for whatever reason.

In order to address this, we have developed our own award, the I.D.E.A.S. award:

The gold award    The silver award

The IDEAS acronym stands for Innovative Design and Excellence in Artistry and Simplicity; and sites are judged on that criteria. We are looking for innovative design first and foremost, artistry and simplicity are weighted slightly less. There are two levels of the award, gold and silver. The gold award is reserved for only the most outstanding sites.

Our promise to you is that our award will not be given out frivolously. We want our award to be a source of pride in accomplishment.

If you would like your site to be reviewed for our award, please submit your information below.

Enter the URL of the site you wish to have reviewed:
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